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Just a reminder that we’re always on the lookout for redrawers and colorists willing to help us out! <3

Been a long while since we last released. Aha. For today, we have a silent and short webtoon on two childhood friends. I adored it a lot. Plus points since it’s full color and the art is really cute~ Here’s We were Childhood Friends by Inakashi Ruya! We highly encourage you to read this on our online reader since it’s in a long strip format!

If you liked this, we hope you’d take time to visit and follow the author on Twitter for lots of illustrations. And it’d also be great if the author’s other works be scanlated in English~ We added a link to the author’s Twitter page and Comico page. 😀

We hope you enjoy this one! Look forward to a comedy/SoL this Saturday~


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