Latest Releases

  • Seaside Return

    Seven years after graduating from high school leaving the boring northern fishing village she grew up in for a career in the bright lights and fast pace of Tokyo, Miyo comes back and finds things much as she left them. Coming home again is never easy, but it’s the place you can always return.
  • Skyscraper Blues

    A Japanese reporter and a suspended American police officer follow a trail through New York City in 1991. The original one-shot that preceded the serialization “Have A Great Sunday”.
  • Mercy

    The Immortals arrived 500 years ago. They were originally celebrated, even worshipped, but as they began to use humanity for their own ends they became reviled. Now, an immortal girl hunts for her own kind in their deep lairs to bring about the end of their reign of terror.
  • Last One

    YHirano Yukito is at the end of his rope. He’s decided to kill himself – all he needs is just one more little push. But things don’t always go the way you think they will…

    Semi-finalist for Afternoon’s Spring 2016 Four Seasons Award.
  • Liquor & Cigarette

    Liquor, cigarettes, and a grapefruit-scented shampoo.
  • Like a Laika

    The daily, average life and interactions of some of a ship’s crew as they depart to explore space. Winner of the Jiro Tanaguchi Special Award for manga in the 2010 Four Seasons Award Anthology.
  • Kokenoshima

    On a remote island, a skilled swordsman who honed his craft on the local population attempts to atone for his sins and lift a curse by hunting and killing demons.

    Winner of the Hagio Moto Special Award for manga.
  • Killer Tomato & Overripe Banana

    Killer Tomato and Overripe Banana share their unique views on politics, lazy stock clerks, unattended children, rude customers and being eaten as they go from store to refrigerator.
  • Untouchable Lover

    Youko has a protector in Shige-san. He has guided her, helped her, and always maintained a respectful propriety since she was a little girl. The difficulty is that Shige-san is a ghost, a poltergeist who only communicates with her by throwing small rocks to signal his disagreement or to show her what to do. But now that Youko is beginning to feel the first stirrings of young love, will Shige-san’s guidance help her find her true happiness?

    Note: Won the Spring 2016 Four Seasons Award (Kodansha) in the one-shot manga category.
  • Horror Anthology Comic: Blindside

    A collection of horror stories from various authors well-known in the field.