One Year

One Year

Hello everyone~!

It’s December 25th in some parts of the world so yes!

A very very Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Coincidentally, it’s also Atelier du Noir’s first year anniversary as a group. As such, here’s a bulk of release of 4 different one-shots from us! We got for you a sweet school life romance webtoon, Birthday of Love by G-ko,

a drama of three friends reuniting after a misfortune befalls their precious treasure, Chengdu Baby by Fang Yili, which is part of our China Girls anthology

a rather dark and bizarre story of a man who woke up without a tangible form, Voice by Tsurita Koniko,

and lastly, a rather long but beautiful story of two rather broken people, The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden by Sahara Mizu, most well-known for her works, Tetsugaku Letra and Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan.

It’s been an amazing first year for us as a group. A huge huge thanks to everyone who supported us, to those who helped us out when we were starting out, to those who are helping us out to this day, to everyone who we shitpost and hang out with as we push out releases, to all the staff members both past and present (Rui loves you guys so so so much). Here’s to bringing more oneshots to everyone for the next year! Cheers~

Also!! Big huggles to Charlotte from Damn Feels for that spankingly pretty credit page~

But yes! Enjoy~





  • Chrysanthemum Stine

    Happy Holidays, and thanks for the great oneshots!

  • Maute50

    Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing, I’m looking forward to read!!

    I wish you VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS as well!!

  • cats

    Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you so much for the oneshots and hard work!
    Happy Holidays!

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