Growing Up

Growing Up

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Hope you have a good first day of April!

A joint release today. We bring you a coming-of-age drama drawn in a rough and sketch-like manner. Here’s Bread and Puberty by Fujimaru! This is actually an earlier self-published work of an author more known for his hentai manga and his art style has changed a lot from this one. We will leave the searching for those up to you. Hoho.

Huge huggles to our joint partner, =White Symphony=, especially Rokusanji for giving us the opportunity to work on this interesting oneshot and for tolerating our slow asses! We highly encourage you to check out their MangaDex page~ They work on lots of cute and fluffy doujinshi and manga both SFW and NSFW! Shoutout to our resident redrawer Suga for doing an amazing work writing the text by hand<3

We encourage you, as always, to check out the author’s website and Twitter if you liked this one!

As always, we hope you enjoy this release! More joint projects on the way so expect oneshot releases with a flavor different from that of AdN’s picks~


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