Atelier du Noir

We are a seventeen-person scanlation team that aims to deliver regular doses of short, single-serving manga reads in the highest quality that we can provide.

We believe that one-shots and standalone stories are largely overlooked by other groups and as such, we decided to start a group that focuses on bringing these stories out of the neglected shadows and into the light.

Exposure is our main aim – we want to widen the variety of manga available to English readers, and to bring you stories and art from mangaka you may not have heard of before.

We’re also open to suggestions or recommendations from you, our readers, with regard to projects we might pick up. We have no specific genre or audience in mind – we’re open to anything from sweet shoujo love stories to dark seinen horror and everything in between!

Our selection criteria are as follows:

  • It should either be a single chapter one-shot or an anthology of one-shots. Length is a consideration, but story and art are what matters most.
  • We will absolutely NOT take on any manga that are currently licensed in English or that have already been done by another group in English.
  • We do NOT do hentai.  We are not opposed to mature content, but we will not accept suggestions for primarily sexually explicit material.

You can make your suggestions by contacting us here!

With that, we hope you enjoy Atelier du Noir’s projects!

Thanks for reading!

-Your AdN team

PS. We’re also open to joints! Our only request is that you provide the raws and the project in concern fits our criteria stated above.
We can sort out the details by contacting us here!

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